Friday, May 13, 2011


My last entry is some weeks ago...
But I have no idea what I should write about... 

The last time I did nothing special...
Oh ok! I started jazz dance and ballet again
I really enjoy it!

Apart from that I start watching j-dramas!
Can someone recommend a special drama?
The last one I saw was Buzzer Beat!
It was so great!!!

Yeeeesss.. and beside the "nonesense text" you also get a "nonsense picture" (*´▽`*)

So... but now I REALLY REALLY try to write more : )


  1. dann musst dich aber beeilen (^__~)
    sonst ess ich alles allein auf ^^

    schönes Bild! und JA! schreib mal mehr, du faule kuh ♥