Monday, May 30, 2011

Super spider food weekend!

Hello everyone.
This weekend was great!
And also very, very decadent! haha!

Sometimes I wonder HOW MUCH a person can eat at one day.
I know that I can eat a lot! xD

On saturday I was in the city with Tina.

This was my outfit.
Somehow I like it very much. I feel comfortable in it...
Maybe because it's a babydoll dress? xD
And a babydoll dress is VERY advantageous if you are eating the whole day

So we started our food-marathon:

We began with this
Banana Cha Cha Frappiato ... sooo delicious !

a bit later....

... we went to a china resturant :)

After walking around the city and drinking sparkling wine and coffee, we went to a kind of temporary  amusement park...

We drove a rollercoaster and have a lot of fun!


AND of course we ate choco banana! ♥ ♫ 
I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo crazy addicted to choco banana!!!! I think could eat it everyday :D

And at the end we went to an italian restaurant 

As you can see I'm a hoggish girl ; ___ ;

And today I wanted to make new pictures... but I look soooo stupid... ( ̄▼ ̄|||)

so I only did spider-fun-horror-shoots ... haha & LOOOOOL ... ;D

PS: I have spider phobia ...  ヽ(゚Д゚|||)ノ


  1. süßes Kleid!!
    Ich will auch mal wieder shoppen gehn -___-

    Hahaha~ Steffi wie ich sie kenn xD xD
    ESSEN (*___*)

    Iiiiiiih die Spinne.... zu geil xD

  2. danke : )

    ja dann lass uns doch mal shoppen gehen!!!!
    wir zwei <3
    aber eeeehhh an DEM Tag (siehe oben) war ich NICHT shoppen... nur essen XDDD OMG OMG OMG!

    haha jaaaaa die spinne... .... um ehrlich zu sein war ich leicht angetrunken als ich die fotos gemacht hab XDDD
    klar dass ich blöd schau T________T

  3. ja gerne... falls ich dann mal wieder jemals in "normale" Kleidung passe xD xD

    hihihi find ich nicht... ich find se geil <3


  5. You are cute ^^